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Internet directories

It certainly makes sense to register at a few Internet directories. The regularly updated directory list at CatRank.cz can be your guide.

Specialized directories always carry more weight for contextual relevance.

However, you should absolutely register at:

Recommended number of characters

I am often asked in connection with search engines about the optimal length of the URL address, the character count in Meta Description or the word count in Meta Keywords. These are time-tested numbers. Also do not neglect to read the notes.

    • URL address (address bar): 75 characters max
    • Title (page name): 5 to 60 characters, 70 characters max
    • Meta Description (page description): 150 characters, 200 to 250 characters max
    • Page character count: about 1800 characters including whitespace
    • Page keyword density: in range of 2 to 7 percent only


      Number of characters

      Whitespace included. To count the characters (letters) quickly, use my simple Character Counter (see also the menu on the right).

      You can also use the counter in Word:

      File – Properties – Statistics

      URL address

      Its length should be as small as possible. If it increases, the importance of distant words decreases. Too many variables in the URl address is a disaster. In order of importance:

      • Name of domain
      • Name of subdomain (third-level domain) or first directory
      • Everything else up to 75 characters
      • Everything else beyond 75 characters

      Title (page name)

      The shorter, the better. No page can be among the first results with more than two keywords or key phrases in the title. Ideally, the Title should consist of a single word (or keyphrase).

      Meta Description

      It is necessary that it include keywords that the page is optimalized for. The length of the whole Meta Description is ideally displayed by the search engine in the results. Both Google and Seznam display two lines of description for most links. That’s why it should be long enough and interesting enough to catch the visitor’s eye while browsing through search results.

      Meta Keywords

      Its  influence is negliglible, nevertheless it is desirable that it be filled out with keywords. Both Google and Seznam now ignore it.

      Number of characters on page

      Contiguous text is assumed, not a keyword listing or link group (farm).


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